Olde World Historic Restorations, LLC
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Old House Specialists


Do you repair/install gutters?
We specialize in copper, half rounds, K-Style, Built-In, Pole Gutters as well as aluminum.

Should my copper change color?
Yes, copper will turn a dark brown color 2-3 months after installation and patina to a greenish color after about 15 years; depending on location

Does your company fix minor leaks?
Yes, we are experts on finding and repairing leaks that many others cannot.

Can you repair rotted wood on my house?
Yes, we have expert carpentry skills and use only the best exterior woods; such as spanish cedar and mahogany.

What kinds of siding do you install?
We install any kind of vinyl or cedar siding.

Do you work in the winter?
Yes, we work year round.

Will you damage my landscaping?
We take every precaution to protect all landscaping and everything else on the property.

Can you provide references?
Yes, references are provided upon request.

Do you provide financing or accept credit cards?

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