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Snow Guards





Olde World Historic Restorations, LLC, based in Doylestown, PA, are established experts offering the finest quality restoration, renovation, and repair services.  We maintain the integrity of the home by using only the finest quality materials and techniques similar to the original construction. Our attention to detail combined with more than 29 years of experience ensures that the work you need will be completed to your satisfaction. 

What are our specialties?
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Olde World Historic Restorations is a company that specializes in home repairs of all kinds; including all types of roofing, copper work, and carpentry.


Copper work of all kinds:  Copper can be used for gutters, roofs, or flashing and will develop a beautiful green patina over time


Slate, Tile, Cedar, and Asphalt roofs and Snow Guards.  Roofs are a specialty of ours at Olde World Historic Restorations.  We are proud of our ability to find and fix leaks that many others are unable to find.


Siding (Wood and Vinyl):  Whether it is cedar or vinyl siding, we have the skill and experience to handle any job you need completed.


Gutters (Built-in, Pole, or Hanging): Built-in gutters, also referred to as "box gutters" are considered to be a concealed roof drainage system.  Pole gutters are often found on historic buildings.  In addition to catching sliding ice on steeply-sloped roofs, pole gutters, also known as water diverters, free the cornice woodwork from rain collecting hardware.  


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